Created in 2012, the Argo Cascades are a series of 9 small rapids popular for locals and tourists alike to ‘tube’ down. This short section can be done as quickly as 10 minutes, by charging down all the rapids, or as slow as an hour meandering down with a beer.


The put-in is next to the Argo Canoe Livery. It worked well for me to wheel my chair to the edge of a grassy bank next to the water, transfer down onto the grass and then shuffle into the shallow water and squeezing onto a tube.
There’s a wide tarmac path that follows the river bank along all the rapids, and I we did a ‘chair-shuffle’ to the end of the rapids. At the take-out, there was a significant step up out of the water (0.75-1m high) and a flight of around 20 steps where we did some piggy-backing to get up onto the main path again.
Fantastic way to spend a hot summer day doing laps of this section!