My trip through the Yosemite national park was extremely brief and I absolutely didn’t do the park justice, however, I did manage to squeeze a short visit into to the main valley region.

Yosemite is not only internationally famous, but it also draws a large number of local residents into the park. As with any Californian location, it seems, the park was thronging with people and cars. Many people avoid the main valley area, choosing other sites instead. The main valley has a resort feel to it with shuttle bus transits between trailheads and other popular destinations.

Driving through the valley, you glimpse the famous peak El Capitain, which was not too long ago climbed for the first time by a parapleagic climber. Not only did he complete the climb, he led it too. My view of the top of the crag was hazey at best due to a forest fire burning in the south west of the park and smog blowing across the park, but it was pretty

incredible to see the famous peaks like El Capitain and Half Dome.
The Valley area has a number of bike paths and tracks that are well made bichumen, giving an easy push through the valley. A nice side trip is up to the base of Yosemite Falls, where you can view the enormous waterfall from the base. There are two routes up, one that claims to be wheelchair accessible, the other not. Neither have steps, it’s just that the one that claims to be non-wheelchair accessible is steeper than 1:14 gradient, which I found fine for descending on.