Entering Yosemite from the East, you go through the high point, Tuolumne pass, and continue onto the Tuolumne meadows.
These meadows come as a stark contrast to the surrounding crags and lakes with ultra green grass and flat land. I was lucky enough to spot a few mule deer and young wading through the main river despite the track being pretty busy.

Opposite the old visitor centre (not open when I went through) there’s a gravel track that leads through the main part of the meadows (roughly 1.5mi in length). The track is variable in places, with some of the soft gravel sections being pretty hard to push through. I used a freewheel attachment on my chair, which helped a lot, but I still found the softness of the track pretty tough in places. My impression is that this track is quite variable in condition, due to flooding of the meadow area. The whole area has had higher than average water due to higher snowmelt, and as a result, areas like the meadows are flooded and tracks are washed out and remade with a variety of different materials.

The track crosses a river via a bridge (with a few steps up and down on either side), and continues into marmot territory, although I didn’t get a chance to see any!