On the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods is a stunning example of old growth redwood forest. Once common throughout this region, Muir Woods is one of the few remaining examples of it so close to San Francisco.

And, of course being San Francisco, you have to get out there early to avoid traffic and find a parking spot. Apparently you want to be there before 9am to avoid traffic, and also I think this is where parking fees start to kick in too.

The main track from the visitor centre traverses through the lower canopy of the redwood forest. It’s a mixture of boardwalk and bichumen and is a couple of miles in length. One of the things that I loved about this boardwalk is that it didn’t actually resemble a patch of manicured concrete infrastructure. There were obvious sections where tree roots had disrupted the flat, smooth aspects of the track. One of the rangers also pointed to a section of warped boardwalk where a fox had nested and raised 3 fox cubs.


Off the main valley floor walk and a number of tracks that lead around the valley walls and show off the middle and upper canopy. These definitely weren’t wheelchair accessible in a traditional sense, but with a bit of assistance, i was able to tackle the track. Mostly it was having a safety net to stop the chair from slipping too close to the edge, but there were a few flights of steps where we called on the help of some other people on the trail to give me a hand up the steps. There was only one squeeze point that my chair couldn’t fit through, a narrow slot between two trees and I simply hopping out of my chair to get around it.