The William Watson Lodge is a great base to explore the Peter Lougheed and Kannanskis regions offering inclusive facilities that work well for wheelchair users. Branching out from the lodge are a plethora of bike tracks – all bichumen – leading to lookouts, features, lakes and other points of interest in the park. There would be easily >20km of tracks that are firm enough to be used by many wheelchair users, although some of the gradients are relatively steep and there were spots where I had to turn back.

The first thing I did on arriving in the park was to get myself some Bear spray. It’s the sort of thing that sounds like it’s a joke to tell tourists, but it’s actually just a highly effective dose of pepper spray that you use as a last resort if a bear gets too close. Fortunately, i didn’t have to use it, although I did keep it strapped to my chair for the duration of my stay in the area.