Kelowna is a town right in between Vancouver and Calgary. Being so far away from water, the weather conditions are extreme, with daytime temperates getting into the high 30s. Makes me feel that carrying my winter sleeping bag with me is a little overkill.

The town is split into two parts – the industrial side on the west, and the main town in the East. Driving into town from the west gives you the impression that there are only enormous chain stores in the town. Fortunately, I was able to find a nice little independant cafe to hang out and catch up on some writing.

Camping is available throughout West Kelowna with various RV and caravan parks. But heading onto 10 mins out of town takes you to Bear Creek, right down on the water edge. Although the campsite books out quickly, I lucked in on getting a spot just as someone else was leaving early. All the bathroom facilities have been designed with access in mind, however, for me the stanard heights of things like shower benches are higher than what I’m used to, making it harder for me to balance, and less comfortable all round.

Campsite is easy to explore around and leads right down to the water edge over a patch of grass. Once at the end of the grass there a short section of sandy mud to navigate over before hitting the water for a swim.

One thing to be careful about: People in Motion suggests that there are wheelchair accessible walks in the area of Bear Creek, but Parks staff advised me that they are publically open (or still exist) after the extensive flooding of the lake.