After a gruelling 14 hour flight from Sydney, I landed in Vancouver on Canada day. That’s no light introduction to Canadian culture and the streets were crowded with people celebrating.

Two main tips for landing in Vancouver airport: the ATMs are dominated by a Canadian bank that does not support Mastercard. The only ATM that does support MasterCard is located in the 7Eleven on the lowest floor. You can also purchase a SIM card from the 7Eleven, and register it using the free airport WIFI.

I hired a car through Hertz with pickup at Vancouver airport. Now here comes the first thing that I didn’t think through – transferring into the left-hand side of the car and dismantling the chair. I guess you get very used to doing it a certain way and on a certain side, so it was something that didn’t even cross to practice before arriving. To cap it off, trying not to scratch the hire car at all is boarderline impossible!

I stayed at the Hostel International in Downtown Vancouver, where they have a standard wheelchair accessible room with ensuite. Amazingly, I ran into someone from Royal Rehab back in Sydney – small world indeed.

I did my best to kick the jetlag by getting out in the Downtown area to explore and find some camping gas. After lots of false starts, I took the bus south to the Broadway area and found ‘Altitude’ – an outdoor store that sold everything you’d expect from an outdoor store.

Canada day celebrations continued into the night, whilst I caught up on the jet lag with a healthy 14 hour snooze.