Camp Cove is a great little dive site that is the fallback option for all dive schools around Sydney if the weather conditions are less favourable. It has three dive sites: one right in front of the kiosk, middle reef half way along the beach, and another site at the far end. The water is reasonably shallow here at this site, going not much deeper than 6-7m, so you can stay in for quite a long time and potter along looking at wildlife.

For entry, there’s a ramp leading down to the beach from the kiosk area, and then 10-20m sand to cross to get to the water (depending on the tide).  The distance between all three sites is not that much (the full length of the beach is only about 200m), so it’s easily possible to enter at one site and swim to the others).

Camp Cove is usually really calm waters, so getting set up in the water isn’t an issue The only trick is to make sure that you arrive at the car park early enough in the morning during the summer months as there’s a fair bit of road-rage potential when the tiny car park fills up with visitors!