The Clifton Gardens dive site attracts divers from around Sydney to look at the wildlife that grows on and lives around the pier structure. The pier extends out from the beach for about 100m and has a few side branches with plenty of critters growing and using the habitat.

Given that the dive site is a pier, this offers a fantastically easy entry point: simply roll out along a pier, shuffle down the 8 or so steps at the end and into the water. This works fabulously well if the tide is correct (i.e high tide), and less well at low tide when the gap between the surface of the water and lowest step is significant (more than 50cm).

This is another shallow dive site, with most of the structure laying at 7-11m. Most divers just do the one dive here, staying down for quite a long time checking out the wildlife. There is flat access all the way from the car park out to the pier – it’s really only the steps into the water itself that need some wrangling.